What to Expect

We know that coming to a new church can be inimidating.  We want you to feel welcome when you come through our doors.


Dress at First CRC is very diverse.  You will see people in suit coats as well as shorts and tshirts.  Please dress how you are comfortable!



Worship is God’s gift to His loved children. In the “formal” worship services held each Sunday we are invited to meet and bring honor to Jesus Christ.

Our 8:30 am service is typically a traditional service where we worship the Lord by singing out of hymnals.  The traditional setting celebrates God and focuses our attention on the goodness and glory of the Lord.

Our 10:30 am service is typically a contemporary service with a praise band and praise music.   

All services whether they are traditional or contemporary, are biblically true and glorifying to God.  The sermon is the same at both morning services. 

All praise be to God!



At First CRC, the central piece of worship is the preaching of the Word. The Bible is the light through which He reveals, saves, guides and gives hope in Jesus Christ!  The preaching at First CRC is rooted in the Bible and relevant to everyday life. 



There are no stairs going into the main level of our building.  An elevator is available to access the lower level.

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