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Our Missionaries

Please remember our missionaries that are serving the Lord by bringing the good news of Salvation to people around the world through missions. Due to the sensitive nature of their work and by their request, we will not post their addresses or their regular updates.  If you would like to contact them directly to support them or for their updates, please use the following email addresses:

Gene & Dawn Michelson ministering in Mali. &

Sadee Van Ruler ministering in Bloomington, Indiana to students through Global Services Network.

Vasya & Maranda Heytsi - planting a church in Tyachiv, Ukraine.  Find their latest newsletter here.

LaVeryl & Max Voss and family working in Papua New Guinea.

Jeff & Christy Faber and family teaching at The Nicaragua Christian Academy 

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Christian Reformed World Missions

Christian Reformed World Missions helps CRC congregations to fulfill the Great Commission. We do this by sending sons and daughters of the CRC to over 25 countries and by partnering with churches and organizations, here and abroad, to build the Church of Jesus Christ and extend the Kingdom of God all around the world.


Christian Reformed Home Missions

Home Missions provides leadership assistance for evangelism and discipleship to all classes and congregations of the Christian Reformed Church (CRC), so that every CRC church, ministry, and member follows Christ in reconciling the world to God.


World Renew

World Renew responds on your behalf to the needs of people who suffer from poverty, hunger, disaster, and injustice.  World Renew is your resource for volunteer opportunities, advocacy ideas, and educational materials.


The Banner

Published monthly by the Christian Reformed Church in North America. The Banner magazine shows how the Christian faith in its Reformed expression makes sense for today’s world.


Back to God Hour

Back to God Ministries International® is the electronic media ministry of the Christian Reformed Church in North America.


Today Devotional

Daily Devotional is provided by the Christian Reformed Church or North America.


Our Daily Bread Devotional

Daily devotionals

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